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5 Male celebrities Who Wear Men’s Wigs

More and more men are using toupees and wigs to change how they look, either to treat hair loss and thinning or to accentuate their pre-existing looks. When your favorite celebrities follow a trend, you know it’s bound to become popular. Some of the best-known and most attractive men in the world are said to or rumored to be wearing toupees. Here’s a look at five of them.

1.  Brad Pitt

Pitt’s hair loss made the front page of gossip magazines after he went to a red carpet event with bald spots and a receding hairline on display. Pitt was rumored to quickly get a hair system to give him back his blonde hair, joining the growing number of male celebrities who wear wigsand toupee hair.

2. Charlie Sheen

Another well-known Hollywood actor who wears men’s wigs is Charlie Sheen. Sources claim he wears a toupee to hide the fact that his hairline is receding. Sheen is a good resource for older men who want to use a hair system that integrates with their natural hair to hide hair loss and thinning.

3.  Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner, who won an Oscar, is another Hollywood legend who is known for using wigs for men. Since the beginning of his acting career, Costner has used wigs and hair systems to hide the fact that his hairline is getting thinner.

The actor has naturally grown into using hair systems that make the wig and his own hair look like they belong together. Most men want a toupee that looks like his.

4.  John Travolta

John Travlota is a Hollywood icon who doesn’t mind letting people know that he wears wigs. However, the actor from Pulp Fiction and Grease is often seen out in public without his wig on, displaying his bald head. The actor is clearly becoming more comfortable with his natural scalp.

Travolta’s style shows that toupees and wigs can be great options for men who want to be able to accept their receding hairline or cover it up with a hair system.

5.  Nicolas Cage

Even though he says he likes to keep his natural hair in real life, Cage has said that he likes to wear wigs in his blockbuster movies.

The star of “National Treasure” is another famous person who uses hair systems to hide hair loss and a receding hairline. Both of these problems are caused by getting older, and most men have them. Research indicates that 85% of men are going bald by the time they are over 50 years old.

Want to see more celebrities who dealt with hair loss? Watch the video below:

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