Megan-Marie is a Gold Jewelry Professional and Unique Designer for You!

Megan-Marie is a renowned jewelry designer who creates unique lines of jewelry that are expertly created. Her line of exclusive 14K gold chains, the “Althea Collection,” has just been unveiled.

Megan-Marie is handcrafted gold jewelry:

Megan-Marie is a gold jewelry designer with an emphasis on quality and craftsmanship, who is well-known for her collections of opulent handcrafted gold jewelry. Her collections have previously sold out quickly, due to the adoration she receives from her customers. She is now back with the new, high-end “Althea Collection,” which includes exclusive 14k solid gold chain designs created specially, by her. The collection, which draws its influence from natural textures and forms, aims to re-imagine and update the frequently seen jewelry styles from Greek mythology. Megan-Marie handcrafts each order, in order for the jewelry to best fit each client’s measurements. More chain patterns will soon be available.

Amazing Collection in Chain:

According to Megan-Marie, each chain in this collection is a one-of-a-kind creation that stands apart from the conventional styles that are frequently found in retail establishments and online. “What I adore most about these chains is how they can be customised to fit your particular body type and sense of style. I think everyone can look and feel amazing wearing one of these distinctive, classic chains, whether it’s a hefty bracelet, short necklace, or sparkling anklet. Furthermore, I have more to come!”

Chain Collection Categories:

The chain designs in the “Althea Collection” are quite adaptable and can be changed to suit the requirements of any customer. Among the pieces in the collection are these.

  • Hera Chain
  • Dria Chain
  • Klio Chain,
  • Ares Chain,
  • Circe Chain,
  • Astraia Chain,
  • Helios Chain.

According to Megan-Marie,

According to Megan-Marie, “The Helios Chain was inspired by the mythological Greek god Helios, the god and personification of the sun. When assembled, the chain’s organic texture creates a crisp, contemporary line and is designed to evoke the Mediterranean Sea’s shimmering surface on a sunny day. I wanted it to feel ethereal, opulent, yet relaxed and cosy.”

Conclusion About Megan-Marie’s gold jewellery:

WHAT MEGAN-MARIE IS: In addition to creating gold jewellery, Megan-Marie holds a doctorate in physical therapy. She comes from a modest Boston suburb and is a first-generation American. While she enjoyed sports, her passion for jewellery began when she was young and blossomed into a love while she was looking for a creative outlet in her mid-twenties.

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