5 Tips To Create An Incredible Look With Your T-Shirt

Flags in the streets, smiles, car horns playing songs and red, above all, a lot of red and white. This is not just any day, the passion of Peruvians invades the streets from 7am, emotion and nerves are breathed. The decisive moment has arrived and we are getting closer to fulfilling that dream that we all have, to see Peru in a world cup.

As we know that many of you want to wear white and red to encourage the team, here are some super tips to look beautiful and regal with the shirt.


This is one of those days when red becomes a fundamental part. He wears red lips, from super bright to burgundy. This whole palette goes perfect with the t-shirt available at women’s clothing stores.


This is a very cool last minute option, take your dad’s, cousin’s, brother’s or uncle’s vintage t-shirt (I’m sure they have) and wear it as a dress with knee-high socks or tucked into high-waisted jeans with a double buckle belt and you’ll be totally stunning.


And it is that denim combines with everything. Change your basic skinny jeans for ripped ones, or with applications. You can also wear your shirt with an asymmetrical skirt and look super trendy.


While it’s nice to wear your hair down, braids go great with the sporty vibe. Try the French or herringbone ones that work a lot and you won’t have to worry about the hair on your face.

The knot

A classic knot on the front of your shirt revealing the navel will give a sexy and fun touch to your look.

Peruvian poles

If you are someone who does not like the shirt but wants to support the team, there are many options of cute polo shirts that you can wear. One that I love is the Peruvian coat of arms in black or white that you can have them stamped or compared in a store.

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