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If You’re Looking For a Minimalist & Classic Wardrobe,  Nueve Los Angeles is the Answer

Fashion trends are constantly changing throughout every season, making it difficult to follow what exact style or combination of pieces will be “in,” which overwhelms people with too many options that are being produced from fast fashion companies. This causes people to constantly buy “trendy” clothes that will cycle out, end up sitting in their closet, or be worn only a few times due to the quality of it. Lately, more and more customers are becoming aware that it is in their best interest to choose quality over quantity, giving slow fashion brands an advantage to counteract and overcome the effects made from the fast fashion industry.

When we focus on quality, we refer to the fabrics, durability of the pieces and the number of times we can wear them. These are known as staple pieces. These items are the ones you never get tired of because of their versatility and color palette. Everyone needs these timeless pieces in their wardrobe, such as a tank top, a black/white blouse, black pants, a little black dress, blue jeans, a black jacket, stilettos, and a black bag. Think about how many different variations you can make by mixing and matching these garments, growing your closet in a mindful way and are also an essential for any occasion. 

A great example of this philosophy “less is more” can be found at Nueve Los Angeles, a new online concept store based in California that lines up with sustainability, fair trade and everlasting styles.

In Nueve’s curated selection, they believe in building your perfect minimal wardrobe, where you can dress up or down different pieces over and over, giving you a better alternative from fast fashion styles. These pieces will last for generations, due to their durable quality and lasting designs.

Timeless is a word that nowadays people are relating to a lot in fashion. Clients are not waiting any more on what’s new every week or every season, and the consumption is growing everyday  in a more conscious mindset where people are hoping to keep their clothes for a long time and not only for one or two occasions. Pieces that you can wear in different weathers or cities, for example, include aclassic white blouse, where you can wear it to work, or layer it over a bikini at the beach, or can be thrown over a tank top on the daily, as well as, paired with pants, a nice belt, and accessories that glow up your night look.

In terms of colors and fabrics, choosing neutral colors such as white, black, gray, or beige, is always a good idea, because you can  always add some brighter colors with accessories such as shoes, hoops, a statement bag, rings, etc. People wouldn’t even notice you are using the “same black pants” or “the same tank top,” giving you the opportunity to wear the same clothes in different ways, when selecting most of your pieces in this kind of colorway.

Staple pieces will always give you a timeless look, giving you true style, class, and if you choose well, you can make over 100 combinations with only ten articles of clothing.

Another “issue” that always comes up is the price when discussing slow and fast fashion. We hear a lot that quality pieces can equal expensive prices, and if it’s true,what does it mean to be really expensive? A quality white shirt that’s going to last five to ten years and costs $200 USD -$500, or a $20 USD shirt that has seams beginning to unfold after the first wash which results in it being worn a few times? 

Also, the price versus the trend is another thing to think about, if you buy a trendy dress that costs you $50 USD and you have only worn it two times, is it really cheaper than a black dress that costs you $500 USD, resulting in over twenty wears? If you do the math, you’ll see the results, and start to think carefully before you make your next purchases. That is why the quality and minimalism of the product you choose are one of the most important things to consider. Nueve Los Angeles is all about this ethos: thoughtful, transparent and timeless fashion. Go online, and don’t miss the chance of having that effortless, yet cool wardrobe at

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