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Choose The Prom Suit That Best Suits You

Our party day is one of the most important in our lives, both for women and men. Therefore, not only does the bride want to be perfect for the occasion, but the prom will look for the most suitable suit according to the event. At first glance, the suit may seem easier to choose. However, the prom has multiple cuts, colors and materials to choose from. Thus, finding the prom suit for men will be very simple if we know which suits us best.

The Jacket Suit

As for the jacket, we can first choose the size, that is, Regular (straighter and without definition at the waist), Slim (slightly narrower at the waist than at the shoulders) and, finally, Super Slim (totally adjusted in the waist area and generally narrower than the other sizes). We will choose the jacket of our suit based on our figure. If you are skinny you will choose a slim blazer. A regular one could make the optical effect that the jacket is too wide for you and a super slim would mark your silhouette too much.

In case you are rather thick, a regular blazer is best, which will trim your silhouette and make you appear less rounded, giving the impression of having a more muscular body.

Finally, if you have a toned body and you like tight clothes, a Super Slim blazer will be the most suitable for you. In addition to highlighting your figure, you will look taller and more stylized than not with a Regular jacket that would make you look wider and shorter.

You can also choose a tailcoat, which ends in a V-shaped jacket on the back and is much more formal than a conventional suit jacket. Everything will depend on the seriousness you want to give the event and your personal tastes. However, with the tailcoat you will have fewer options to choose from in terms of colors, textures or sizes, in addition to the fact that the fashion at this time is the suit jacket for the prom suit. As for the colors, it is preferable that a thicker prom suit choose the suit jacket in black, gray or dark blue, since these stylize the figure.

If the prom suit has a more defined body, he can choose between lighter colors such as grey, beige or light blue. That depends on taste, although these colors seem to be more suitable for a party held in summer and the dark ones for winter. Slimmer prom suits should opt for light colors in both the shirt and the jacket in order to optically gain volume in their figure.

As for the pants, we will try to always match the suit, in terms of color, texture and size. So, if the jacket is Regular, the pants will have a straight cut, but if the first one is Slim or Super Slim, the pants can be a little narrower only at the ankle or at the entire waist, depending on the prom suit’s taste. Wearing the jacket and pants of different colors makes the suit much more informal and, perhaps, it will not give the boyfriend effect that we want.

The fabric we choose for our party dress should make us feel comfortable at all times during the ceremony. A linen suit may seem more elegant, but we must bear in mind that this material wrinkles easily and we will not wear the perfect suit jacket throughout the event and that will also be reflected in the photographs. Acrylic perspires less, so if the party is held in summer it is likely that we will be hotter and sweat, by not perspiring the smell will remain impregnated in the clothes and we could undesirably smell bad.

Therefore, cotton will be the perfect fabric for the bride and prom suit. The tightest jackets will also have acrylic, but mixed with cotton it will be lighter than if it is only made of this material. Although in the suit everything depends on the style of the prom suit. If it is a big problem for you to wear pleated pants and you prefer to combine a jacket with chinos or another size of pants, you should bear in mind that something very informal may not be well seen by everyone, but if it is well chosen it will not leave anybody indifferent.


Normally the prom suit wears a light colored shirt, but depending on the color of the suit and if you are a daring prom suit you can change that rule. For example, if your style is a beige suit, you can go with a darker matching shirt and tie, such as the dark gray shirt and a narrow black tie. But if your style is that of a conventional prom suit, we will bet on a dark gray suit of our size and with a light gray or light blue shirt. The tie in this case would be silver and wide.

The most important thing is that the tie does not stand out too much, since it will become the star of the event. Some prom suits decide to combine some element of the bride’s suit with the prom suit’s tie, such as a red bow for her and a tie of the same color for him. However, for that you must choose the colors together and that would not work if the bride wants her dress to be a total surprise. Another option is the bow tie, which is usually used for tailcoats more than for suit jackets. The same happens with her, her color will not be too strident so that it does not attract too much attention and be a symbol of little elegance.

Shoes should always be formal, to stay in tune with the suit jacket and tie. Simply, if the suit is dark, we will try to make the shoes dark too, and the lighter the suit, the lighter the shoes will be. Depending on the style you will risk more or less with them, whether they are totally plain or with laces and dandy-type prints. Finally, you can give your jacket a touch of style by adding a silk handkerchief in the front pocket or a flower to match the dress of your future wife, always as a small detail and never as the protagonist of your look. With these little tips, you will be the most stylish and elegant prom suit that the guests have ever seen, because not only the party dress will be talked about at this party.

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