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Controversial Beauty Tips From Old Hollywood Stars

Don’t you ever dare to follow any of the tips from the old Hollywood’s stars! These tips will only make your skin look bad. So below are selected very contentious beauty routines from old Hollywood that will make you shout, good sorrow. These tips are being discussed in health and beauty tips reviews.

Audrey Hepburn did crazy thing to her eye lashes after putting on mascara.

If you continually deliberated in what way Hepburn attained her doe-eyed appearance, you will desire you had not. When putting on her makeup, makeup expert Alberto de Rossi would distinct her eye lashes one after another by a safety pin. However fortunately he did not stab her eye out.

You believed today’s early life had problems with intake conditions, but Clara Bow was the patient zero.

Clara not only limited her food to just 500 calories per day, but likewise moved around the earth sporting close-fitting outfits to shelter the pounds. This was seemingly an effort by Clara to keep her promised commitments of remaining at 118 pounds.

Marlene Dietrich was just like golden… as, she desired actual gold powder sprinkled on her hairpieces.

Dietrich required that dense gold, price 60 dollars for each ounce, be scattered on her hairpieces so that she Marlene sparkle on-air agreeing to a book. Marlene was golden as in, she desired actual gold powder scattered on her hairpieces.

Wild West star John Wayne’s hair seen excellent, but it was not his hair we were sighted.

He had 3 hairpieces, agreeing to a book. He sported the shortest hairpiece for 4 days, and then swapped it for the average size one. Then afterward some days, he would change it for the lengthier hairpiece to make it appear similar to the way natural hair grows.

Above mentioned tips should be avoided as they were discussed in beauty tips reviews and skincare tips reviews.


The some of the most controversial tips that from famed old stars hit the internet and people went crazy. These tips are being discussed in beauty and skincare tips reviews

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