Moonstone Jewelry

Meaning And History Of Moonstone Jewelry

Ancient civilizations have used moonstone jewelry since the beginning of time. This translucent stone, which resembles a kaleidoscope, with otherworldly flashes of light from different angles, has long been a source of wonderment among observers. It was believed by the Romans to be an actual solidified ray of light coming from the moon. As well as the Greeks, the stone was also associated with the lunar gods and goddesses that they worshipped.

As recently as the turn of the 20th century, the artisans of the art nouveau period created large quantities of jewelry with moonstones as part of their creation process. In addition to European deposits, moonstone can also be found in Mexico and the United States, although the majority of its deposits are found in Europe. As a result of the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the enchanting moonstone becomes the official gemstone of the state, although no moonstone occurs naturally in Florida.

There are two round diamonds and a 5x7mm oval moonstone all set in 10 karat yellow gold on the ring on the left.

  The moonstone is believed to be a stone of inner strength and growth, according to Stress and emotional instability are soothed, and emotions are stabilized, providing calm. Besides enhancing intuition, moonstone also promotes inspiration, success, and good luck in love and business.”

This sterling silver pendant features a 5mm moonstone surrounded by 12 round diamonds on an 18-inch whisper chain.

There are many examples of moonstones jewelry with creamy rainbow refraction of light that is almost alien. However, the most sought after examples of moonstone will be glassy, with an electric blue shimmer. The moonstone is not the most durable stone, ranking between 6 and 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, so care must be taken whenever it is used as jewelry. Common designs set the stone lower in a setting surrounding it with harder stones to protect it from knocks.

The ring on the left can be worn in many ways! It can be worn as a stackable ring or it can be worn on its own; it is very versatile! This fashion ring is crafted from 10K rose gold with a blue moonstone center set in a vintage-inspired setting.

As the moonstone stone has the ability to be affordable and accessible at a level not shared by other stones of such extraterrestrial qualities, the moonstone jewelry is positioned at the very top of the fashion market. The precious metals often used will be sterling silver or various types of 10 karat gold.

You can find moonstone rings, moonstone necklaces, earrings and bracelets in many styles and metals right here on our website. Moonstone jewelry is a timeless symbol of love and protection and will continue to be for generations to come.

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