Is Ghee a Wise Choice for Weight Gain?

Are you someone that struggles to gain weight required for the best of your health?

Many of us are tired of the costly supplements available for weight gain that come with a lot of side effects.

But have you wondered how ghee may help you gain a healthy weight?

Ancient Ayurvedic texts lean towards referring to ghee for its numerous health benefits. It is not only rich in nutrients but helps in weight gain needed for the optimum health as well.

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In this blog, we will disclose the most sustainable, natural, and healthy way to gain muscle mass or weight.

Let’s understand whether ghee is a wise choice for weight gain or not.

How Ghee Helps in Healthy Weight Gain

Ghee or clarified butter is a nutrient-rich superfood containing healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. It is high in energy and, therefore, can help you gain weight by increasing your muscle mass. Maintaining a healthy weight is essential for our overall well-being.

Being underweight has several adverse effects on your health. It hampers your body’s immunity to fight against infections, decreases bone density and muscle mass, causes hormonal imbalances, and delays growth in children.

Our body weight depends on your height, sex, and age. Sometimes excessive physical activity, a calorie-deficit diet, and a lack of intake of proper nutrients may lead to drastic weight loss.

Pure desi ghee has all the nutrients required for healthy functioning and maintaining proper body weight. Here’s how it helps in weight gain:

  • A healthy diet, active lifestyle, and exercise, along with the recommended pure desi ghee dosage help in healthy weight gain.
  • A small amount of fat is essential for the healthy functioning of the body. Ghee is a source of some essential fatty acids, which cannot be otherwise produced by our bodies.
  • Ghee provides energy to our body and helps in the absorption of vitamins like A. D and E.

How to Use Ghee to Increase Weight

Ghee is a traditional Indian superfood that can add healthy calories to your daily diet. Adding a dollop of ghee to your diet not only enhances its taste but provides you with the goodness of a balanced diet. 

Ghee is a calorie-dense food. Both cow and buffalo ghee can help you gain an appropriate body mass. One teaspoon of desi cow ghee contains around 120 calories. A teaspoon of Buffalo ghee contains around 135 calories.

Buffalo ghee contains more fats and calories as compared to cow ghee, and hence a better option for weight gain. Therefore, if you are looking for ghee specifically for weight gain, then Two Brother’s A2 Buffalo Ghee is probably the best choice.

Adhere to the tested and most-effective methods to reap the benefits of ghee as a healthy weight-gaining ingredient. Keeping this in mind, we recommend the following three methods for healthy weight gain:

1. Use Ghee with Sugar

This is an age-old and effective method of weight gain. This remedy is extremely simple, add some sugar to a teaspoon of ghee and consume it half-an before lunch and dinner. The ghee should be in a melted form while consuming.

Try this remedy for a month and you can see visible weight gain. This method is quite helpful for children and young adults.

Disclaimer: it’s best to always consult with your health practitioner when you make dietary changes.

2. Take Ghee with Milkshake

Drinking a warm glass of milkshake with clarified butter is an effective method of weight gain. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Take a glass of warm milk.
  2. Add two spoons of ashwagandha powder and pure ghee.
  1. Stir the mixture well.
  2. Have this twice every day for a month.

Banana Milkshake

You can also prepare a milkshake by adding two ripe bananas to a glass of warm milk. Add a spoonful of ghee and blend the mixture. Consume this as a breakfast for a month.

Banana is rich in nutrients like vitamin C, B6, potassium, and fiber. When mixed with ghee, it forms this calorie-dense food and thus the required nutrition for a healthy weight gain.

3. Take Ghee after Workout Session

Consuming ghee after a workout session is an effective way of gaining muscle mass. A lot of myths regarding ghee have created fear in the minds of people. However, it contains essential fatty acids required by our bodies.

Ghee being a nutrient also improves digestion and provides immunity to our body.

You can have an ashwagandha or banana milkshake mixed with pure ghee, or add a teaspoon of ghee to your sandwich after a workout.

Ghee in Diet to Increase the Weight

Two Brothers A2 Cultured Buffalo Ghee

The Two Brother’s buffalo ghee is a handcrafted ghee produced from fresh buffalo whole A2 milk. The farm prepares this in small batches from hand-churned white butter on firewood. This ghee is 100% natural and free from any artificial colors, fillers, or binders. The traditional preparation process imparts an unmatched flavour to this ghee.

This ghee contains omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, saturated fat, MUFA, PUFA, and vitamin E. The Two Brother’s ghee is high and is an excellent option for weight gain with a shelf life of 12 months.

The Two Brother’s buffalo ghee is prepared in small batches using a traditional method. This ghee is a powerhouse of nutrients that not only helps you to gain muscle mass but also help in healthy bone development, and brain functioning, improves your immunity, and takes care of your daily nutrition.

The Two Brother’s farm takes care of ‌ quality at every level. The grazing and hygiene of buffaloes also play an important role in the quality, which makes it a superior option among the three.

Summing Up

Ghee is a versatile nutrient-rich ingredient that comes with a plethora of health benefits. It not only enhances the flavour of your food but also improves your overall health.

Whether you are seeking a healthy option to include in your diet or a sustainable option for weight gain, ghee is the best choice. Is it worth trying it?

We hope this article helped you to understand the benefits of ghee for weight gain.

If this has piqued your interest, try out the Two Brothers A2 buffalo ghee today. Read the 8 Insane Buffalo Ghee Benefits That Will Change Your Perception Towards It to know more about it.

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