70s Jewelry

Types of 70s Jewelry

There were many types of 70s jewelry, many of which have made it. Some of the earliest designs can be seen here.

  1. 70s Earrings

Long, dangling earrings were in vogue, made of different materials but often inexpensive. They were glamorous and dressy, perfect for the disco. However, there were also less dramatic earring styles from the 70s, featuring more natural designs. A staple of the 70s jewelry scene were large hoop earrings.

  1. 1970s Necklaces


There was a great deal of popularity at the time in layering necklaces. Adding different types, styles, and materials to necklaces created an eclectic look that was distinctively 70s. Even today, necklace layering remains a popular trend, proving that some things are timeless.

Chokers were also very popular, and they came in a variety of styles. In the 70s, faux pearls were another popular choice and were worn in long strands, layers or chokers.

  1. 1970s Bracelets

Typically large and wide, 1970s bracelets came in all shapes and sizes. Statement cuffs and thick bangles made of gold plated metals and silver were popular.


The woven friendship bracelet was another popular item, especially among young people.

The ID bracelets were also very popular, with the name of the wearer engraved on the bracelet. The bracelet became a trending accessory after many people engraved the names of soldiers in Vietnam on it.

  1. 1970s Rings

Rings known as mood rings supposedly tell you how you feel by changing color according to how you are feeling. No matter if they worked or if people just saw things, mood rings were a trendy way to fit in with the bohemian culture.

Aside from this, large, flashy cocktail rings were in vogue. They were ideal for formal events or dressy occasions.

How to Rock the 70s Look Today

There are ways to incorporate 70s jewelry trends into your current style even though the 70s are long gone. Let’s see how we can go about it.
  1. It was the 70s that featured statement jewelry that was extravagant and sometimes over-the-top. You can include pieces like these into your look if you choose one or two carefully. Don’t wear everything at once. Using large dramatic earrings, a statement necklace, a cocktail ring, and a massive cuff doesn’t work. Pick one statement piece to make your outfit stand out. As a result, your appearance isn’t overwhelmed and your jewelry receives the attention it deserves.
  1. Choose a pair of large hoops like this one, long dangling earrings or exotic bohemian earrings. They’ll instantly give you a 70s vibe, especially if you pair them with bellbottoms.
  1. Make sure your 70s jewelry complements your modern attire. The two don’t always work together, so you want to make sure that your clothes and jewelry complement each other.
  2. By layering necklaces, you’ll honor a 70s jewelry trend while remaining current. Pair smaller chains and tiny beaded necklaces with chunky chains and chokers for a statement look.

Where to Buy 70s Jewelry

Shops that specialize in vintage jewelry are a great place to find 70s jewelry. Vintage or antique stores may also have 70s jewelry collections. You can, however, start your search on Etsy and Amazon for an easier and more convenient option. A wider selection of jewelry options and competitive prices are available online.

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