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Hair Removal: The Best Solutions To Eliminate Unwanted Hair

Hair Removal: Waxing is a basic routine for any woman, but when it comes to facial hair it becomes vital and for this reason there are different formulas to eradicate it from our image.

For women, facial hair can become a taboo subject. The most common areas for its appearance are the sideburns, the upper lip and the area between the eyebrows. However, there are times when this aesthetic problem can spread to other areas such as the chin or the chin, regions of the face that are not usually so closely monitored. Wherever it is, when the appearance of hair is located, the woman wants to eradicate it immediately with an effective and permanent depilation.

The appearance of facial hair is due to several factors. It can be produced as a result of a disease that generates an excess of androgens, a male hormone, as a side effect of some medications or simply by genetic inheritance. Having hair is something totally normal and it is easy to remove it, the problem comes when it appears excessively, giving rise to a condition called hirsutism.

What is the best method of facial hair removal?

Tweezing, along with waxing, is one of the most used methods in facial hair removal, but it can be counterproductive. When we use tweezers we usually resort to pulling out the darkest hairs, which are the ones that are most visible. 

During this hair removal we cut the lighter and finer hair that we are not able to see and that causes it to be stimulated, strengthened and, in the long run, increase the amount of visible hair. For this reason, to remove this type of hair, Jeelly recommend the use of a crystal hair eraser as the most effective, safe and long-lasting option.

Crystal Hair Remover

Within the different laser hair removal systems, Jeelly recommend the crystal hair remover eraser because it allows you to work deeper than pulsed light, which makes it reach the root of the hair, eliminating it permanently while eliminating the finer hair effectively.

Another advantage of the diode laser is that it allows working in a sweeping or dragging way at a faster speed while the pulsed light works pulse by pulse being slower.

Pulsed light, on the other hand, is a technology that is very effective for removing hair in areas that are not so deep. A third option is electric hair removal, which is the most advisable to end gray hair since the other systems need melanin to destroy the root.

It has smart accessories that adapt the treatment to each area of ​​the body with different shapes and filters and that activate a specific program for the corresponding area when attached to the device. Among them is a precision one, with an additional filter, designed to be used on the face in areas such as the upper lip or chin.

It works by applying subtle pulses of light to the hair root, causing the follicle to enter a resting phase and the amount of hair to gradually decrease. It has been clinically tested and developed in conjunction with dermatologists to provide easy and effective treatment.

The results reach up to a 92% hair reduction in three treatments. The first four treatments should be done every two weeks, then just touch up every four weeks. After eight touch-up treatments, hair-free skin is achieved for six months.

It can be used corded or cordless and is suitable for a wide variety of hair and skin types but, like other IPL-based treatments, it cannot be used to treat gray, light blonde or red hair and is not suitable for very dark skin. This is due to the high contrast needed between hair color and skin tone. 

The latest technological advances have allowed laser hair removal systems such as magic crystal hair eraser to become another small appliance at the service of our beauty, such as a hair dryer or an electric toothbrush. 

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