Women’s Haircuts To Start From Scratch In December

If you are going through one of those moments of catharsis and you have in mind to go through the great clips so that it is also reflected in your appearance, here are a few ideas. Some are quite groundbreaking, others a little less, but all of them can be a huge revolution depending on the base from which you start, of course.

Perfect Women’s Haircuts To Make A Change Of Look

  • Shaggy pixie
  • Boysh
  • A line pixie
  • Bob haircut
  • Wavy bob with bangs
  • XL Mane

Welcome December as it deserves, and dare with a change!


Nothing better than cutting to the chase in these situations. If you have curly hair, one of the best options is to opt for a very short shaggy hair in which your curls shine completely naturally. If you want this look hair cut than the best option is great clips, their salon having best professionals team which give you a complete change look. Also don’t be worry about rates, great clips cost very reasonable which can every person afford. 


The masculine style cuts are always a success and of course, if you have always worn your hair more or less long, the change will be spectacular. And if you also change it to a tone as striking as this, more than one will not be able to recognize you at first sight.


It is one of those cuts for those who want a change but not too radical. By keeping the bangs, we get to see our faces a little less naked. It became very fashionable in 2021 and this 2022, the A-line pixie cut is ideal to welcome the changes that are coming in September.


If you have never worn a cut like this, now is your time. It will do you good no matter how old you are and whatever the shape of your face. You will look rejuvenated and you will be much more comfortable. Just ask your stylist to take your hair texture into account when adding layers, cutouts or bangs.


If you want to look different in this new stage but your long hair is not negotiable, the ideal solution is to add a fringe. Start with an open, swept 70s style that blends in well with the rest of your hair.


There is no more radical change than this, even if you are coming from a classic pixie. Wearing such short hair is becoming more and more fashionable and we already warned you that whoever dares gets hooked because of how comfortable it is.


We are in love with this haircut. It reaches just to the base of the neck and has a slight layering so that the waves appear on their own. Adding a fringe has never been a better idea.


Not all radical changes have to necessarily go through a cut. You also have the option of resorting to extensions to completely transform your hair. In these cases, it is best to opt for a layered cut because they are the ones that best hide the extensions. If you want to add volume to your hair, extensions will also be a good option.

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